Order Pickups

When you place an order for pickup we will begin packaging it so you can have it as fresh as possible. We do NOT have all items prepackaged and waiting to be picked up/shipped.

Notification will be sent when your items are ready for pickup with clear instructions on available days/times. We will not be held responsible for any attempts made to pick up orders outside of those days/times.

There is no guarantee that your items will be ready for pick up at the same time as any orders placed with The Keto Bakery from our in house baked items. If you would like to pick up the Make at Home mixes as well as some our in house baked items at the same time then it is best to wait for your Make at Home mixes ready notification to arrive and then place your order for in house baked items. 

We will not offer any refund or compensation for any attempt to pick up Make at Home mixes before we have sent order ready notifications.