How it all began...

After spending almost 10 years in PEI we moved back to Ontario and took up residence in downtown Napanee and reopened our clothing shop in Market Square. It didn't take us very long to realize this was a terrible location for a business that relies on window shoppers so in Jan 2018 we switched things up and opened Grinders Old Fashioned Submarine Sandwiches instead. Business was much better and our customer base was growing and we were very happy with all we were accomplishing. We were becoming known locally as the best little sub shop in town.

In May 2018, the hubby and I decided that we also needed to improve ourselves personally so we decided to start following the Keto Diet. (most of the meat and veggies worked well for Keto so it actually was a very good fit for us personally)

And then came along the Keto mini donuts!

It was Nov 2018 and our lives changed almost overnight. I had found this cute little mini donut pan and made a batch of mini donuts to try it out. There were way too many for us so I put some in a display case in the sub shop and posted about them on our Facebook page...and orders came flooding in! In panic mode, I called up the hubby begging him to try and find more donut pans because we had orders for dozens and dozens of these little donuts for the next day. What he found and what we still use in our bakery to this very day was a child's mini electric donut maker and it was truly the game changing moment. The next day I made over 150 mini donuts and I haven't stopped since.

In Dec 2018 we moved next door into a bigger unit and we started making bagels, squares, cookies and some meal & appetizer options. Our customer base has grown from a few hundred to thousands and we have customers from Montreal to Niagara Falls and everywhere in between. We have the largest selection of baked keto goodies between Ottawa & Toronto.

And then COVID came and we knew we needed to find a way to get our products out to more people who just didn't want to take risk of going out. However, we also knew shipping fresh baked items probably wasn't going to be the right answer for us. So we decided to make dry mixes that customers would only need to add a few wet ingredients to and they could make our beloved treats right in their own homes! These are our recipes, many of which we have been making daily for over 2 years now in our little bakery in Napanee. As well, we will be adding more and more new products as we go so that you never get bored with the selections!

So, the next time you eat a mini donut just remember that without them we may not have been here at all!