Welcome to our new product line! We are thrilled you are checking us out and we hope that you will find some items you just can't live without!

In this initial post I just wanted to let you know how everything works and maybe answer a few questions you might have.

So what is this and how does it work? Well, first off everything you will find in this shop are dry mixes. Which means you will get a perfectly measured dry mix and all you need to do is add some fresh ingredients to make a finished product. It is super easy and we have taken away all the trial and error part for you. How cool is that?!?!

Many of our seasoning mixes can be made into different products just depending on the fresh ingredient you add. For example for the garlic aioli seasoning mix (you really have to love garlic for this one!), you can add the mix to your favourite mayo and make a traditional garlic aioli mayo. Or you could add it to cream cheese and make a super awesome bagel spread. Or maybe you want a veggie or cracker dip so you add the mix to some cream cheese and sour cream. Or how about some seasoned butter? You guessed it just add the mix to some softened butter and you have a perfect blend for topping those juicy steaks or grilled veggies! There are so many different ways to use our seasoning mixes. And the best part...they are all Keto friendly!!!

But maybe you are all about the desserts. How many times have you looked up Keto dessert recipes, scrolled through pages and pages of random talk just to get to the recipe and when you finally made it you could barely eat it? Yes us too and it is frustrating to say the least. Ingredients are just too expensive to toss in the garbage. But we are here to help! We have taken some of our most tried and true recipes that we have been using in our bakery for over two & half years and converted them into a mix just for you. You are getting two+ years of our making these recipes week after week for our customers. So provided you follow our easy directions you should end up with the very same product our customers have come to love and enjoy and no guess work involved! Doesn't that sound good?

Now we know we can't please everyone's taste, everyone likes things differently. And we also know we just can't make some things taste like the commercially mass produced sugar filled products we have all come to love. It's different ingredients so how could we? But we have tried very very hard to make all of our mixes as pleasing as possible to the majority of people. The other thing is, this is our food as well and if we don't like it then you won't get it until we have perfected it!

So what kind of fresh ingredients would you need to add? Easy things that you can find in every grocery store! Eggs, butter, cream, sour cream, cream cheese, meats, mayo, veggies, etc. We have tried to make our mixes as light as possible on the grocery budget as well so you should never have to add anything that you can't easily find in your hometown grocery store. 

Well, that's all for now, stay tuned to upcoming posts where we will talk more in depth about our mixes, provide alternative recipes for you and more! We hope you enjoy and come to love our products as much as so many others have!!


Lisa & Ben